“Intercultural cooperation and traditional knowledge transfer: a boost for sustainable tourism” – ITALY, 15-16.09.2017

“Intercultural cooperation and traditional knowledge transfer: a boost for sustainable tourism"  MOENA – 15-16.09.2017

The Municipality of Moena will host on 15th and 16th September 2017 the Transnational Event “Intercultural cooperation and traditional knowledge transfer a boost for sustainable tourism”. The initiative represents the fourth transnational event organised within the EU project “GEMS – Integration and Solidarity European Models for Sustainability”, co-funded by EACEA Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union. The project coordinated by the Alpine Pearls Association, links in a network of “Active GEMS”, five Alpine towns from four countries of the Region: Werfenweng – A, Bad Reichenhall – D, Bled – SI, Forni di Sopra -I, Moena -I.

The event hosted by the Municipality of Moena will focus on strategies for re-launching traditional and local economies, based on local farmhouse tourism. Moreover, the events’ workshops will try to identify how to extend such strategies to intercultural cooperation, specifically focusing on how to capitalise on new skills and crafts, that may interest the Alpine communities (e.g. by the arrival of new residents such as migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, etc).

The first day of the international event will foresee a public conference on “Traditional knowledge and intercultural cooperation”, coordinated by the Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia, in which experts will present to GEMS Task-forces and participants the current EU programmes, strategies and opportunities for intercultural cooperation. Moreover, during the conference experts from the Municipality of Moena will present as well their practices of related to traditional crafts. After the conference, participants will discover the history, the culture and local traditions of Moena, by attending the “Viac cultural” – a guided tour organised by local cultural associations. The evening will be dedicated to networking event, hosted by a parallel event dedicated to local dairy crafts: the Puzzone di Moena Festival.

During the second day participants will take part in a Study Visit (i.e. The Puzzone Trekking) to the main cheese factories of the area, specialized in the production of the Puzzone of Moena DOP cheese. The cheese is a landmark for the area of “Val di Fassa” and “Val di Fiemme” and is characterized by a special manufacturing process.

During the Puzzone Trekking, the GEMS Task-forces will engage in several workshop sessions, based on the inputs received at the visited sites. The itinerant workshop will aim to delineated the future network activities for the promotion of intercultural cooperation and traditional knowledge for a sustainable tourism. During the workshop participants will be guided in debate sessions around the opportunities of multicultural exchanges and intergenerational dialogue for the re-launching of traditional economies and sustainable development.

The project activities are open to a wide range of interested citizens from all involved towns. All citizens may visit the project web-site (www.gemsproject.eu) or write directly to the Consortium (info@gemsproject.eu) for receiving further information.