G.EM.S at a glance

The project proposed herein, entitled “Stimulating Green Employment: Across Border Educational and Technological Innovation Hot – Spots / G.EM.S.”, aims to help the participating regions move away from their current ‘brown-based’ low economic approach (low job quality, low environmental protection, low skills), towards a ‘high’ green-based sustainable economy (high skills, high productivity, high environmental protection).

The project, using innovative education/training methods, will be based on subject and procedural knowledge in order to improve local populations relationship with nature, familiarize them with the Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the United Nations in 2015, in their local expressions and dimensions, and develop human capital in the cross border region in state-of-the art energy and energy applications.


University of Western Macedonia (UOWM)
Centre for Research & Technology Hellas ( CERTH )
Business Academy Smilevski (BAS)
Economic chamber of North Macedonia (RCB)

Training Courses

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