First project meeting in Florina

First project meeting, where the participating members, including the University of Western Macedonia (UWM), Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), Business Academy Smilevski (BAS), and Economic Chamber of North Macedonia (RCB), gathered to share updates on the project’s progress and discuss the agenda for future actions.

During the meeting, each organization had an opportunity to deliver presentations on the work accomplished thus far. The University of Western Macedonia (UWM) presented their findings and research outcomes, highlighting the key milestones achieved. Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH) followed with their presentation, focusing on their contributions to the project. Business Academy Smilevski (BAS) shared their insights into the business aspects and provided an overview of their activities in support of the project. Lastly, the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia (RCB) presented their role in fostering collaboration and creating opportunities for the project’s success.

Following the presentations, an interactive discussion took place, involving all participants. The discussion revolved around several key topics, including accomplishments, challenges faced, and lessons learned. We exchanged ideas and experiences, focusing on improving project efficiency and identifying potential areas for optimization. Participants collectively reviewed the project roadmap, identified upcoming milestones, and discussed strategies to ensure smooth progress.

We explored potential collaboration opportunities and discussed ways to enhance communication and coordination among the project’s users and contractors. The meeting concluded with a renewed commitment from all participants to work closely together, leverage each other’s expertise, and contribute towards the project’s success.

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