GEMS will meet its stated aims and objectives through a series of well thought, interlinked set of deliverables, which are presented below.

D1.1 Preparation activities n/a
D1.2 Project Management and Coordination (includes Project’s Management Guide, Project Meetings in Bitola, Project Meetings in Florina, Midterm Scientific Report, Final Scientific Report)
D1.3 Quality Assurance / Quality Control
D1.4 Audits
D2.1 Communication and Dissemination Plan
D2.2 Website Development
D2.3 Trilingual Communication Material
D2.4 Info Days
D2.5 Conferences
D3.1 Green Energy Educational Materials
D3.2 Circular Economy Educational Materials
D3.3 Green Management Educational Materials
D3.4 Training Deliverance
D4.1 Successful Case Studies
D4.2 Cradle-to-Cradle Life Cycle Analysis
D4.3 SWOT / PEST / PESTLE Analyses – Business Plans
D4.4 Best Green Employment Practices
D4.5 Guide for Green Entrepreneurship
D5.1 Green Energy Technological Hot – Spot
D5.2 Circular Economy Technological Hot -Spot
D5.3 Information Hot – Spots
D5.4 Incubators

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