Project Meeting in Bitola

The G.EM.S Interreg project partner meeting took place in the city of Bitola. The meeting aimed to bring together the participating partners to discuss the progress, challenges, and future plans of the project.

The meeting started with opening remarks from the director of Bussiness Academy Smilevski ( BAS ) – Toni Soklevski, who welcomed all the participants and expressed gratitude for their commitment to the project.

Each partner provided an update on their respective project activities, highlighting achievements, milestones, and challenges encountered since the last meeting. The updates covered areas such as procurement results, workpackages progress, community engagement, and pilot implementations.

Partners engaged in a constructive discussion about the challenges faced during the project implementation. This included issues related to resource allocation, time constraints, and coordination among partners. Strategies were proposed and discussed to overcome these challenges and ensure smooth project execution.

Partners also shared their experiences, lessons learned, and best practices related to project implementation till now. This knowledge exchange helped identify innovative approaches and foster collaboration among the partners.

The financial aspects of the project were reviewed, including the budget utilization, expenses, and reimbursements. Partners provided updates on their financial status and discussed any financial issues that needed attention

The communication and dissemination activities were discussed, focusing on promoting the project’s results and outcomes. Partners shared ideas for effectively reaching out to target audiences, such as organizing workshops, conferences, and publishing articles.

The meeting concluded with a discussion on the next steps and future plans for the project. Partners identified key actions, set deadlines, and assigned responsibilities to ensure the project progresses as planned. They also discussed upcoming events, collaborations, and opportunities for further funding.

The organizing comitee wrapped up the meeting by expressing appreciation to all the participants for their active involvement and valuable contributions.

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